The Calendula, the Birth Month Flower of October

27 October 2015

The calendula, pretty and practical, is the Birth Month Flower of October. Calendulas grew their name from blooming at the beginning of each month, hence the Latin "calends" and the English "calendar.

Common Flowers and Meanings

22 September 2015

Take the time to share a deeper symbolic meaning and give some flowers to someone you know today. Below are a few flowers and meanings to get you started:   Amaryllis Flower Meanings Symbolic of

Exotic Flowers : Bird of Paradise

22 September 2015

Birds Of Paradise The Birds of Paradise is one of the most colorful flowers in the world. The name Bird of Paradise comes from its spectacular flower shape which resembles a bird's beak and head pluma

Flower of the week : Cymbidiums (by :

22 September 2015

Flower Of The Week - Cymbidium Cymbidiums are among the most popular winter and spring blooming orchids. The word Cymbidium Comes from Greek kymbe meaning a boat, referring tohollowness in the l

Cactus Facts

22 September 2015

Cactus is a type of plant that can store large amounts of water and survive in extremely hot and dry habitats. There are around 2000 different species of cactus that differ in size, shape, colo